The year was 1970 Los Taconazos which was the original name
of the Polka Family who played Mexican Style music. Yes before polka music the Polka Family played for backyard parties, weddings, baptisms, fiesta's and many Mexican occasions. On a trip to Pennsylvania Busia commented to her son Frank"Gus" Guzevich, Why are your polish kids only playing Mexican Music? So on a later trip to Pennsylvania Father and Children practiced and learned to play a Few Polish polkas for Busia in her backyard. The alley which connected had many other families that enjoyed listening to this young group practice their craft during the hot steamy August summer nights. Little did the kids know at some point they would get the opportunity to perform at the Disneyland Hotel with the great Jimmy Sturr Orchestra.  From that point forward Jimmy Sturr contacted the Polka family and asked if they would perform at Action Park in Vernon,NJ for his Summer polka festival. The lineup was already full so the Polka Family was inserted in between Marion Lush, Jimmy Sturr, The Sounds, The Kryger bros, and others. Like they say "We were in the right place at the right time". The band looked Mexican and played Polish Music. Polka Family band started in 1979 for an appearance for the southern california polka booster club in chino california.